Citroën has announced the ‘New C3’ which is a small SUV thats also a supermini at the same time, with a larger boot as well. This new model is completely separate from the C3 we have here in the UK and Europe and is being targeted at the devolving markets, such as India and South America.

Citroën just launched its brand in India this year, with the C5 Aircross. The ‘New C3’ will go on sale in India early in 2022 and it is hoping it’ll take the brand to the mainstream market over there, as around 15% of car sales in India are small hatchbacks.

However, Citroën has no plans to launch the ‘New C3’ in the UK or in Europe due to it sharing the same name as the C3.

Citroën is offering 11 different two tone paint options for customers as well as a 10-inch infotainment screen, complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Three USB sockets are in the car, with one up front and two in the back for passengers.