Fiat today has announced a new special edition of the 500 city car, with a collaboration with the (RED) charity. The new (500)RED goes all in on the brand, with a red 500 logo on the front and back, unique dashboard design, floor mats and seats too.

Inside Fiat has made the dashboard red as well as the seats, with the drivers one being red with the rest black, highlighted with red accents.

Fiat will be offering the (500)RED later this year in the UK, with no information yet regarding pricing. At launch, it’ll only be available on the electric version of the 500, with a choice of convertible or hatchback. Later on, combustion based 500 models will be offered with the (RED) designs.

(RED) is founded by Bono, the lead singer of U2 and the charity has and continues to work with other companies such as Apple, U-Mask and more. Apple has worked with them for a long time now.