Citroën is bringing the all electric Ami to the UK in 2022, due to some measured demand from 12,000 people who have put their names down, showing an interest into purchasing one. Citroën wasn’t originally planning on selling the small quadricycle here at all, but the managing director at the company have the project the green light.

Citroën isn’t really changing much to make the Ami suitable for the UK market, it’ll still only in left hand drive with the driver only being around 300mm over for a normal car. Citroën has also changed he charging port to the Type 2 standard as well as the speedometer to miles per hour.

The Ami has a range of 43 miles, with a top speed of 28mph. In its home country of France, 14 year olds can drive the Ami but here in the UK, a full drivers licence is required. This sort of vehicle would be very useful in the busier parts of London, where the average speed isn’t anywhere near 28mph.

Citroën is offering UK buyers to put a refundable deposit down for the Ami of £250 and the company is yet to reveal pricing.