Ford is aware of what issues EV drivers see on a fairly regular basis, a charge that doesn’t work. Naturally, this can put potential electric car owners off, so Ford’s manger of electric vehicles, Darren Palmer has announced that the company has plans to visit any electric chargers in the US that may have had data from a Mach-E, or any complaints on social media and test the chargers with a Mach-E that has been specially designed to be able to test and diagnose the issues.

“All they’ll do all day long is go and check them to see where they fail and why. There are a lot of plugs out there, but some of them are old and they don’t have the quality or reliability we want. Over 99.5 percent of customers go into a charger and get a charge. We’re pleased about that.

Darren Palmer

It’s vital to bring the charging network up to scratch, there is nothing worse than getting to a charging station with not much range, only for it to not be working. Not only in the US, but it happens here in the UK too. Ford US will soon have two electric cars on sale, the Ford Mach-E and then the upcoming F-150 Lightning pickup truck in 2022.