Apple has announced a new cheaper plan of Apple Music, one that is called “Voice Plan” which uses only Siri on the HomePod mainly, but it can be used on every other Apple device. The cheaper plan is aimed at more casual music listening, not a dedicated fee to use Siri.

Apple Music Voice plan is an interface-less music streaming service, that you only use Siri to use. Think users that only really listen to music at home, so use a HomePod mini, if you are the kind user who spends ages organising libraries and making playlists, then this plan is not for you. Some users just want to say “Hey Siri, play some dinner party music” and just let it play.

The Voice Plan is just $4.99 in the US (no UK pricing or any other regions have been announced yet), which is quite a difference from the standard $9.99 / £9.99 of the main plan, with an interface. Whats also quite clever, you can literally just buy a HomePod mini, take it home and ask it “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial” and you’ll be up and running.