Along with introducing the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro this week, Google also introduced a new Pixel Pass which is only available in the US for now and it essentially lets customers get the latest Pixel phone, as well as various Google services for one monthly fee.

The plan includes the latest phone, unlocked so it can be used on any US carrier and access to Google One, YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, and Google Play Pass. With Google One, customers will get 200GB of storage. The plan also includes Preferred Care, a one year extra warranty over the standard one year.

This plan seems like a combination of something like the iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple One, but it seems slightly more simple to join. The Pixel 6 is $45 per month and the Pixel 6 Pro is $55 per month. Google says that if you cancel before the two year is up, then the reminder of the phone value will need to paid off and access to the services will be terminated. However, you can upgrade to a new phone within the two years, but the monthly bill could change.

This being said, none of this includes an actual data plan – so Google is helping out here too, with $5 off a month for Pixel Pass subscribers for its Google Fi service.