Audi has just released a new software update for the e-tron 55 SUV, the company’s first electric car. The new update isn’t just the usual bug fixes, Audi has managed to squeeze some extra range out of it, adding an extra 12 miles for the 95kWh versions.

However, unlike Tesla’s and the VW I.D family of cars, the e-tron can’t be updated over the air, it needs taking back to an Audi service centre to handle the update, which is free of charge.

This update applies to e-tron cars manufactured in 2019 and 2020, specifically the 55 model with the 95kwh battery pack. This means the e-tron can now do 276 miles on one charge, according to WLTP.

The update also improves the efficiency of the cooling of some of the electrical components in the car, which also helps save energy.