New customers looking to pre-order the Starlink satellite internet service from SpaceX might be in for a long wait, as the company has updated its shipping estimates this week. Some areas of the UK and US are now seeing mid to late 2022, with some states in the US seeing late 2022 and early 2023.

Some areas of the US, such as Roundhill in Virginia, and Evergreen in Colorado have had an estimate of 2023 since August. However, for customers who pre-ordered earlier this year still have the original shipping date, for most that is late 2021. Similar results are showing in the UK too, with most of the middle of the country seeing a estimated shipping date of mid 2022.

SpaceX is getting close to releases Starlink out of its beta phase, with a quoted large rollout for the service in October, but November is next week now and no such “nationwide rollout” has happened yet.

As of writing, the service has around 100,000 customers.