The new Dacia Spring, a budget EV from the subsidiary brand under Renault has already hit 40,000 orders thanks to its affordable price and decent range. Dacia started taking pre-orders in the majority of Europe between March and June 2021 and achieved 16,000 reservations in that time period. The Spring is available in France, Italy, Germany, Romania and Spain, but not the UK.

Within eight months, Dacia has achieved 40,000 orders with 15,000 of those already with customers. Dacia is offering the Spring for €89 a month in France with a purchase price of around £10,500 when converted. Range is 143 miles from the 26.8kWh battery pack and 44bhp and a top speed of 78mph.

Regarding UK availability, Dacia said earlier this year it was in the middle of evaluating if the Spring would be suitable for the UK RHD market.