Mazda is set to reveal a new updated version of the MX-5 sports car after a new potential update was hinted at on the Japanese version of the company’s website. Also to further add fuel to the fire, the current model has now been removed from sale.

Mazda Japan has said the following:

“With the exception of some specifications, sales of the current model have been discontinued. The announcement of the new model is scheduled for this winter.”

However to complement this, Autocar spoke to Mazda UK about the change who said nothing in the new model has been changed, the spec and other details remain identical to the outgoing car, it is simply changing from a 2021 model to a 2022 one. While this seems quite odd to not change anything, Mazda could revamp the infotainment system on offer.

However, we’ll have to wait and see what the company offers soon.