Earlier this week, the UK Government revealed that the plug-in car grant would be reduced down from £2,500 to £1,500. The grant currently offers a subsidy on new car sales of any car that can be plugged in, hybrid or fully electric. There are also some changes to what band of prices the grant can now be applied to too.

Customers looking to buy a brand new electric car can now get £1,500 off the price, but only on cars that cost less than £32,000, £3,000 less than before. For the van market, the Government has cut that grant from £5,000 to £2,500 with a limit on 1,000 per year.

Any car that plugs in to the mains can be eligible, plug-in hybrid or a full BEV, but the rule is that it must be able to travel 70 miles or more on purely zero-emissions.