EE and Three will become the first two carriers in the UK to offer 4G and 5G coverage on the London underground, which is the result of many years testing and preparation. Both networks have signed a deal with BAI Communications, the company which is constructing the network infrastructure throughout the tubes and stations.

Both Three and EE will be able to provide network connectivity to customers when on platforms and while moving on the tube.

Virgin Media has offered full WiFi coverage on the tube for around 10 years now, but it is only available to certain people on certain mobile carriers, adding 4G and 5G coverage to the London Underground will give people access to emergency services and be able to keep working as they would on a bus above ground for example.

A handful of the busiest stations will get access to the mobile networks first by the end of 2022, with a view to provide full coverage on the entire Underground by 2024.