Yamaha has recently announced that it will have two new electric scooters on sale next year, the E01 and the E02. The Japanese company showed off the two scooters as concepts back in 2019, but now it looks like Yamaha is set to release them in 2022.

Yamaha hasn’t yet revealed any specs about each scooter, but the E01 will have the equivalent power as a 125cc class petrol scooter, but the company has not yet revealed any specifics. Similar combustion scooters have around 11kW or 15bhp with a top speed of 56mph.

The E02 will be a smaller vehicle, with less power at around 50cc with 5.3bhp and a top speed of 28mph. However, these output figures are estimates and Yamaha is yet to announce the actual specifications.

The new scooters are due to go on sale in 2022 in Europe and Asia.