Ubiquiti announced the new G4 Doorbell Pro last week, for the UniFi Protect platform. It is currently available as part of the Early Access program which means it is in its beta phase.

The G4 Doorbell Pro builds on where Ubiquiti fell a bit short on its first doorbell, for starters it is now black, rather than white – however the G4 Doorbell does have some optional covers for helping to blend it into whatever material your door is. It also features two cameras this time, the main one is around the same as before and a new one faces downwards to look for any packages that may have been left at your door. Something that a lot of people wanted was support for PoE, which has been added to the G4 Doorbell Pro too.

The certainty of whether or not it would support data over PoE took a few days to nail down, in the original YouTube video Ubiquiti released, it mentioned that it could be powered via PoE using an adaptor, but it took someone to ask in the YouTube comments to make sure this was the case. Ubiquiti replied and confirmed that it does indeed support gigabit connections over that adaptor.

On the back of the G4 Doorbell Pro, we have standard screws to connect your doorbell wiring, just like the G4 Doorbell but there is a USB-C port too. I would imagine Ubiquiti went with USB-C over a standard Ethernet jack to keep the thickness of the unit down and also to help ensure it is weather tight enough.

Ubiquiti also added a fingerprint reader, which it says will be compatible with the UniFi Smart Door Lock – however any information on this product has yet to be found.

The G4 Doorbell is £168.39 / €200.40 / $199 and the new G4 Doorbell Pro is £261.16 / €310.80 / $299.

G4 Doorbell

G4 Doorbell Pro

Power Type

Standard doorbell wiring

Or using optional AC adaptor

Standard doorbell wiring

USB-C at 5v

PoE adaptor to USB-C

Camera Megapixel

5MP (2MP stream)

Main camera 5MP (2MP stream)

Package camera 8MP (2MP stream)

Number of cameras



Connectivity Method

802.11ac WiFi

802.11ac WiFi

GbE LAN (Using optional USB-C to Ethernet adaptor)


White (Can be changed with optional covers)


Build Material


Aluminum alloy wall mount

Polycarbonate and aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy wall mount

Special Features

PIR motion sensor

Entrance lighting

Display to show text

Optional covers for brick, wood and more

Smart detections

Two cameras, one for package detection

1.3-inch colour screen

Can be powered via PoE and data over Ethernet

Bright porch light

Smart detections

Fingerprint reader


30FPS (Up to 45FPS with high framerate mode)

Main camera 30FPS

Package camera 2FPS





1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200

Night Vision

Intregrated IR emitters

Intregrated IR emitters

No IR on package camera

Weatherproof rating

IPX4 (Weather-resistant)

IPX4 (Weather-resistant)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 40º C

-10 to 40º C


£168.39 / €200.40 / $199

£261.16 / €310.80 / $299


Due to no one testing the new camera yet, we only have Ubiquiti’s video and marketing material to go on. If you were one of the original users who held off getting the G4 Doorbell due to its lack of PoE, then the G4 Doorbell Pro might just be for you. It is a nice upgrade over the older one too, thanks to the downwards facing camera and new fingerprint reader.

It should be available on the standard store and other retailers at some stage, until then we’ll be covering all the latest Ubiquiti hardware released and updated during 2022.