In 2021 Volkswagen was the best selling car manufacturer in the Europe with 1.08 million sold in 2021, compared to Peugeot who were in second place, with 649,514 sales in the same period.

In third place was Toyota with 615,142 cars sold which was a price of 9.1% following the year previous, when the company was in eighth place. Elsewhere, Toyota is the best selling brand in the US last year as well as being the best selling in the world too, with 7.27 million sales.

However, in Europe it hasn’t been all plain sailing, Alfa Romeo and Mitsubishi saw declines and Mitsubishi even stopped selling cars here. Alfa saw a 27.8% drop in sales with 26,322 cars shifted.

Ford, a usual UK superstar for sales saw a 19% drop drop in Europe when compared to 2020, likely due to some factory closures.