Ford this week has revealed its new top of the line model for the Bronco SUV, with the Bronco Raptor. Ford says this is focused on Baja rock crawling, high speed dune runs and good road manors. The company has not yet revealed any pricing for the Bronco Raptor but we do know that like the standard models, it is US only.

This is now the third major model in the Bronco line up, with the standard Bronco, the more SUV like Bronco Sport and now this new Bronco Raptor model. Ford has added a lot of chunky bodywork, off road accessories and huge tyres. There are new protective body panels, tow hooks all with the wider track with is 8.6-inches wider and 4.8-inches taller to help it manage off road better.

The Bronco Raptor also has 37-inch all terrain tyres and Ford says is the largest fitted to any American production SUV to date.

In terms of the engine, Ford has used custom 3.0-litre V6 with 400bhp, 10-speed automatic gearbox and custom exhaust system. As yet, Ford hasn’t revealed any top speed or 0-60mph numbers.

The Bronco Raptor is due to be available for orders this March, with first deliveries starting in the summer. However, pricing is yet to be announced.