Over the years, BMW has sold around 250,000 units of the i3, the company’s first “i” branded electric car, which the company revealed in 2011. After nine years, BMW will be stopping production of the i3 with no direct replacement planned, instead the iX1 will fill that gap when it is launched and also a new version of the Mini E.

Back in 2011, the i3 did not look normal, it looked futuristic and it still does, even to this day. The body was made up of lightweight aluminium with a core carbon fibre structure and was expense to make. However, it spawned the i8 a few years later and helped push forward the future we are in today and are still working towards.

The i3 had a range extended version called the Rex, which had a small combustion engine to top up the batteries, but was later discontinued in favour of an EV only model.