Jaguar Land Rover is going to be adding the Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant as standard to all of its new cars, thanks to a new update to the company’s Pivi Pro infotainment system. It’ll come as standard on all new models and some models can be updated over the air retrospectively, cars going back as far as 2020 and includes the new Defender in that list.

Around 200,000 existing cars already have Pivi Pro and can be updated remotely to support Alexa. JLR cars that come with the more entry level system, Touch Pro can be updated too, models such as the Evoque, Discovery and Discovery Sport. Having Alexa and your car work together allows you to control the cars navigation, music and other sections of the car with just your voice. So far, at the time of writing only JLR cars in the US and UK are supported.

JLR says that users can ask the car such things as “Alexa, navigate me to home”, “Alexa, play my chill-out playlist” and “Alexa, show me nearby coffee shops”.

JLR has not mentioned when the new update will be pushed out to current users.