SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service has revealed a new Premium option for subscribers, with an all new dish and a new monthly price tag. For $500 per month, Starlink will offer you speeds between 150mbps and 500mbps with 20-40ms of latency and an upload from 10mbps to 20mbps. This comes thanks to an all new and larger dish, which likely has increased the amount of gain in order to achieve better signal levels.

However, on the surface it is hard to see why this should cost five times as much as the standard Starlink plan, which is $99 per month. On top of being $500 per month, the new dish costs $2,500 outright – again, compared to the standard version which is $499 and then there is a $500 deposit to reserve the dish in the first place.

Starlink is offering more than just improved speeds, they say it’ll now work better in “extreme weather conditions” – likely thanks to the larger antenna and more gain etc. Customers will also get priority access to 24/7 support and the ability to use the dish wherever you need to, ideal for businesses, schools etc and you can add as many Starlink Premium dishes to your account as you want.

Orders for Starlink Premium are open now with first deliveries to start in Q2 2022.