Aston Martin has announced it will stop selling its pure combustion cars by 2026, with a focus after that on hybridisation and fully electric models. This comes as a bit of a change from the company, as in the past it has previously said that electric vehicles would only make up a part of its offering. However, they’ll still be some combustion engine choice after 2026, with those hybrid models, but that’ll only be up until 2035 when the law by that time will restrict hybrids from being sold.

Aston Martin Chairman, Lawrence Stroll spoke to the Financial Times and said:

I can’t tell you that 100% of Aston Martin customers want an electric vehicle. People still want the smell, the noise. We’re gradually going to get to full EV, but we will continue offering both. There will still be an electrification component, but if someone wants an internal combustion engine in 2028, that will happen.”

The first hybrid Aston Martin to be offered will be the DBX, which will gain a new mild-hybrid version later in 2022 but it’ll only be offered in China first. This also isn’t Aston Martin’s first look at EV and electrification, back in 2015 the company revealed the Rapide E concept and was even slated to start production in 2017, but with the company focusing on the DBX at the time, the project was ultimately shelved in 2020.