Ubiquiti has released a new YouTube video on its channel, all about the new WiFi 6 APs it has on offer, some available to purchase now and some only in the Early Access Store. Ubiquiti has long not talked publicly about any upcoming products it has, even if they were in the Early Access store. But as of late it has been releasing these kinds of videos on YouTube, covering some new and upcoming hardware.

The latest is the new UniFi WiFi 6 Enterprise AP, which ties in with its Enterprise switching line. There are two big additions for this ‘Enterprise’ model, one is a 2.5GbE port and the other is WiFi 6E. The faster network port comes after a lot of users have been clamouring for this, and WiFi 6E is utilising the 6GHz spectrum for additional capacity and less interference. Thanks to the three bands now on offer, the U6-Enterprise can achieve 10.2 Gbps aggregate, over-the-air radio rate.

The U6-Enterprise should be available soon and is currently on sale on Ubiquiti’s Early Access Store for $249 in the US.