Apple has announced recently that at many of its US based stores, it will no longer been enforcing the requirement for customers to wear face masks. This news comes from a Bloomberg report and states that this relax in the rules is due to the local guidelines and several US states changing as well as an overall drop in COVID-19 cases in the country.

Apple says that its employees have been told about the policy changes, but Apple is still recommending that customers coming to its stores do wear masks, it is just no longer a strict requirement. However, despite this – Apple is still asking its staff to wear masks at all times.

In Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and some areas in California – masks are actually still required at a state level, so for Apple stores in those areas, masks will be needed by customers and staff.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple is looking to bring back its “Today at Apple” classes. Before the pandemic, Apple used to host in person classes for customers to learn how to do photography, use GarageBand and more.