Samsung has announced this week that it has officially killed off the Galaxy Note line of devices, instead the company will be releasing similar devices under the Ultra product name. Samsung announced the news at Mobile World Congress 2022 when it was speaking to reporters.

Samsung has not released a new Note device since 2020, when the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra was released. However, with the new Galaxy S22 Ultra – everything about it is a Note device, just the name is different.

Back in 2011, Samsung released the first Galaxy Note device, it had a huge 5.3-inch screen, dwarfing the iPhone 4s with its 3.5-inch screen. However, since the original Note phones have been getting larger, Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 and by 2016, even the Galaxy S7 had a 5.1-inch screen.

Samsung seems to be experimenting with other, more interesting devices – such as the Z Fold range. So maybe time was already up for the Note.