Morgan has announced the all new Super 3, marking a return to the world of three wheelers with a brand new design and the company’s first “clean sheet” design since the Aero 8 was launched back in 2000.

Morgan revived the iconic three wheeler in 2012, it had an S&S engine with a top speed of 115mph. Due to its small size and light weight – at 550kg the three wheeler could do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. Morgan stopped production in 2021 with a focus on the the new Super 3.

Morgan has opted to use a front mounted Ford engine in the Super 3 this time, the same three litre three cylinder engine that is used in the Ford Fiesta ST. However in the Super 3, the engine is not turbocharged.

As a three wheeler first, the Super 3 uses a monocoque chassis, with the bodywork being aluminium panels, which are actually Superformed in Worcester, not far away from the company’s Malvern HQ.

Morgan will be outputting around 15 Super 3 cars a week once production gets underway later this year, this is around double what the company managed with the previous generation car.

Customisability and the practical nature of the Super 3 seems to be paramount, Morgan will offering 200 pieces of optional equipment with the ability to attach toolboxes, cameras, mirrors, satnavs and wind deflectors.

The new Morgan Super 3 will be around £40,000 and will go on sale this August.