Ford has confirmed this week that it has had to stop taking orders for the new facelifted version of the Focus. Ford revealed the updated car in October last year and it comes with a lot of upgrades to its infotainment system with a much larger 13.2in Sync 4 screen.

However, speaking to Autocar this week, Ford said that it is having issues obtaining the components needed to fit the larger screen. This is due to the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Focus models with the smaller 8.0-inch touchscreen are fine and are not affected by this.

“As a result of the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, one of our suppliers of parts for the updated Focus has indicated that they aren’t able to satisfy demand for parts. These parts relate to the 13.2in Sync 4 screen that is part of the updated Focus. Supply of these parts are being moved to a new location in Europe, but until this is up and running, the 13.2in screen with Sync 4 will not be available to customers. We will continue to build the updated Focus with the 8.0in screen. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience that this will cause but trust they will understand the exceptional circumstances.”


Ford has said it is currently in the process of looking at a new supplier for the necessary parts. The company has confirmed that this issue is “temporary.”