Ubiquiti has today released a new minor update for UniFi Protect, its CCTV platform. For a little while now, users and myself included have had issues with G3 cameras not recording properly in HQ mode or simply not streaming at all. Ubiquiti has been suggesting to users that rebooting the G3 camera will resolve the issue temporarily until a software fix has been put in place.

Well today, Ubiquiti has released version 1.21.4 for UniFi Protect, with a fix for this issue.

“Fix an issue that prevents G3 cameras from streaming and recording until they are restarted.”


This update is out now and can be downloaded manually on your UniFi OS Console, by going to the IP address of your device or unifi.ui.com, going to updates and then update UniFi Protect. If you have your device set to update automatically, then there is no input needed.

In addition, this update also updates all the cameras from 4.49.5 to 4.49.8.

More info here, on the official community post.