Ubiquiti finally released the much anticipated UXG Pro near the end of last month, after an almost two year wait in the Early Access beta program. Despite being launched in the US initially on the 21st March its presence from the EU and UK Ubiquiti stores was noticeably lacking. However, as of today Ubiquiti has now finally added the UXG-Pro to the EU and UK stores and is up for sale now, priced at £460.87 UK and €544.80 EU.

One thing probably delaying it a bit was the mains power outlet on the back. On the back is a US mains plug, which is used for an external modem, however on the EU listing it does say there is a ‘SmartPower outlet (200~240VAC/1.25A) for an external modem’ but no photos exist of this yet, we don’t even know yet if there is a specific model for the UK.

The new UXG-Pro is listed now on store.ui.com.

Update 07/04/22 05:32pm: Ubiquiti has added some additional photos, which we have added to this post. For the EU/UK model there is a female IEC connector which can be used for powering the modem.