One of the original shows that launched with Apple TV+ back in November 2020, ‘For All Mankind’ is coming back for a third season this summer on 10th June. Season 3 will come out on Friday 10th June and Apple has already released a trailer ahead of time previewing what we can expect.


The show is set in a fictional world where it imagines what would ave happened if the world kept maintaining its progress with space, and if it had remained a priority in the US. The first series showed what happened when the Russian’s got to the moon first. Season 2 was set in 1983 and looked what the era of the cold war and season 3 is set in 1990s and looks at the race to land on Mars.

‘For All Mankind’ Season 3 will start on Friday 10th June with the first episode, then the following episodes will be available every Friday after that.