Dacia has confirmed that a van version of the Jogger MPV will not be happening, however a campervan version has been confirmed with very little information at this stage.

Dacia won’t be making a commercial vehicle version of the Jogger due to it not being complaint wit the N1 homologation rules. However the possibility of it has not been completely ruled out, the company does see the need for a commercial vehicle variant but at this time there are not any plans for it.

However, coming soon is a campervan version of the Jogger. At this stage we don’t know if it will be a standalone model or an accessory pack.

“We are working on it and it should come quite soon. This is clearly in our philosophy – trying to extend the level of outdoor activities that our customers can do with our cars, and the Jogger has exactly the right spirit for what we call the ‘social outside’.”

Lionel Jaillet – Dacia VP for Product

Dacia has said the type of products sold for the campervan version, will be announced soon.