Ford is getting ready to stop producing the three door version of the Fiesta, as well as streamlining some of the lineup for the car. Ford is planning on stopping production of the three door version and the Fiesta van too. Ford has removed all traces of the three door version from the online website and price lists.

However, existing orders of the three door Fiesta will be completed and Ford is planning on stopping production at its factory in Cologne, Germany later this summer.

“Ford is simplifying the Fiesta line-up by focusing on series, packs, and features that customers want – and discontinuing the ones that are less in demand. Fiesta will continue to be offered as ST-Line, ST,  Active, Titanium and Trend.”


The Ford Fiesta has long been the best selling car here in the UK, holding that place for twelve years in a row, but it like everything else was affected by the chip and parts shortages caused by the pandemic and its place on the top came to an end, not even making the top ten for 2021 best selling cars. Instead the Tesla Model 3, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Puma all overtook it.

Ford is also getting ready to launch a brand new lineup of electric vehicles over the next few years, with new SUVs, vans and more expected.