Toyota put the new GR 86 on sale in the UK earlier this month, with prices starting at £29,995. The GR 86 is a direct replacement for the last generation GT 86 and won’t be around or produced for very long, due to new crash regulations.

Toyota revealed earlier this week that after just 90 minutes, all the allocation for the UK of the GR 86 was sold out. The company has also said there is not any plans to add additional allocation of the car to the UK. However those who missed the time window can join a waiting list and if any orders get cancelled for example, Toyota will contact you.

“The rush to secure a car reflects the hugely enthusiastic reception given to early prototypes by the UK’s automotive media, and the fact that the car will come to the end of its production run in Europe within two years.”


For the customers who have ordered, expect cars to starting being delivered this coming July.

The GR 86 is only offered in one trim level, with only one optional extra. Cars come with 10-spoke 18-inch alloys wheels, with Michelin PS4 tyres. Inside is a 8-inch touchscreen for the infotainment with built in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, there is also a reversing camera and blind spot monitoring system. The single optional extra is an automatic gearbox, which is £2,090.