Today, Ubiquiti has launched a new larger version of the LiteBeam with the XR model. The XR is around 250mm wider than the already quite large LR version and with that extra size comes more gain and on paper, better range.

The standard original LiteBeam has 23dBi of gain, similar to a AC 300 PowerBeam, the LR has 26dBi and then the new XR has 29dBi which is similar to a large Rocket Dish. The LiteBeam XR is based on the existing airMAX AC platform and can be used in PtMP AP or station, or as a dedicated PtP. Due to its antenna design, we wouldn’t recommend using this as an access point, but as a long range client in a PtMP network or a dedicated PtP, it is ideal.

Like all the other new airMAX AC devices from Ubiquiti, the new LiteBeam XR supports wireless setup and configuration using the UISP app and the dedicated 2.4GHz WiFi chip integrated into the device. Also, it supports GPS which is a first for an airMAX CPE device, making placing it on a map easier in UISP for example.

The new LiteBeam XR is on sale now from Ubiquiti’s official store, at and is priced at £157.19 in the UK, $179 in the US and €189.60 in the EU. However, in all three regions it is marked as “coming soon” for now, so should be available in the coming days.

EU/UK Store link

US Store link

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