This week, Ineos finally revealed some more information about the upcoming s Grenadier 4×4 which will go on sale in the UK later next month on 18th May. The car will be priced from £49,000 and will be available in a wide range of options with both passenger and commercial versions.

For the base price of £49,000 the Ineos will be available as a more utilitarian version with only two seats it’ll be a direct rival for the Land Rover Defender Commercial. It’ll have a huge load capacity of 2088 litres.

The more consumer focused version will come in at £52,000 and have five passenger seats. As a consequence the load capacity is reduced down to 1152 litres.

There are some top of the line models, with Belstaff editoions thanks to a partnership between the clothing brand and Ineos. Interestingly, Ineos actually owns Belstaff. These editions will cost £59,000 and have nearly all of the optional extras fitted as standard, with heated mirrors, raised air intake, reversing camera and auxiliary battery.

All models of the Grenadier are only combustion based, the company hasn’t delved into any electrification yet. Engines offered are either petrol or diesel and both come from BMW in the form of 3.0-litre straight six units, with an eight speed automatic gearbox – no manual option is available.

The Grenadier will be sold inside existing dealerships, from the likes of Audi, BMW, Ferrari and Ford. These are due to open soon.

The fist customer deliveries are due take place later in 2022.