This week Apple has settled a long going class-action lawsuit, which lasted six years. The lawsuit accused Apple of slowing down older iPhone models, specifically the iPhone 4s when it was updated to iOS 19 back in 2015. As part of the settlement, Apple has agreed to pay some customers who were affected by this issue. Apple will be paying $15 to each customer.

The actual lawsuit was submitted ages ago, back in December 2015 shortly after iOS 9 was released. It has taken up until now for it to be settled. The main issue found was the marketing behind iOS 9 which mentioned that all devices that run iOS 9 would benefit from “better overall performance.”

“Plaintiffs collectively filed the operative Complaint in this action alleging that the Class was harmed when consumers downloaded iOS 9 onto their iPhone 4S devices after being exposed to Apple’s allegedly false description of the new operating system. Plaintiffs contend that Apple misrepresented that iOS 9 was compatible with the iPhone 4S and would improve or “enhance performance” for its customers that downloaded the software update. Instead, Plaintiffs contend, iOS 9 significantly slowed down the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.”

The settlement meant that Apple has set aside $20 million to pay customers in only New York and New Jersey who had an iPhone 4s that was updated to iOS 9. If the customer can submit this on a website with peronsal details and the serial number of the iPhone 4s. The website will be created soon.