The DeLorean Motor Company teased the new upcoming, all electric DeLorean model a little while back, with a gull-wing door silhouette and the above image. However the company has now announced that the upcoming car is set to be fully revealed later this month on Tuesday 31st May.

While the car shares the same name as the famous sports car from the 80s, it is set to look radically different and obviously, being all electric too.

The DeLorean EVolved was originally supposed to be revealed on 18th August, ahead of an in person reveal at Pebble Beach. However DMC is planning on showing off the car much earlier than expected.

DMC has not yet revealed more information other than this, there is nothing revealed about the powertrain, charging, price or range yet. It is unclear whether DMC will make a retro homage to the original, complete with unpainted steel or whether the company will move on.