Ubiquiti has today released a new member to the Dream Machine family, with a range of new products under the Dream Wall line. Ubiquiti has released a new marketing YouTube video to go alongside this, and for now – the UDW is available in the Early Access (EA) store. In the marketing video, which is linked below Ubiquiti explains that the standard networking 19-inch rack was designed by AT&T around 100 years ago and that these can take up valuable space, so Ubiquiti has the new Dream Wall and Dream Wall Pro to potentially solve that issue.

The Dream Wall and Dream Wall Pro are all in one UniFi OS Consoles, like the existing UDR, UDM, UDM Pro and UDM SE. However here there are far more PoE options, larger PoE budgets, integrated WiFi access points, hard drive bays and more. It is like a UDM but taken to a new extreme level. Now, Ubiquiti says this would be a good product for a business environment, which it might be but we can see it being more useful, and far more sleek and stylish in a home setting – it would sit somewhere under the stairs, or your hallway and take care of all the networking needs for the home.

So far, Ubiquiti has only released details about the standard UDW. It is wall mountable, has an integrated dual-band access point which supports 802.11ax. Like the UDM Pro and UDM SE, we have dual WAN with a 2.5GbE RJ45 and a 10G SFP+. There is an integrated switch too, with 5 standard non-PoE ports and then 12 PoE ports, four of which are 802.3af, another four are 802.3af/at and then another four are 802.3bt. This is very flexible and allows this one device to power many UniFi OS applications and devices.

Pictured in our header image is the Dream Wall Pro with the larger screen. The standard UDW has a 1.3-inch LCM colour touchscreen, the same we are used to from the other UDM devices. The standard UDW also has dual power supplies which are hot swappable and are 550W each. The UDW Pro also has hard drive bays for UniFi Protect, but the UDW has an built in 128GB SSD and like the UDR, it can be expanded using an SD card.


The UDW and UDW Pro are both in the early access program from Ubiquiti and should be available to purchase to the public soon.