Last week, Ford starting delivering the new all electric F-150 Lightning to customers, but now that the deliveries have started the actual specifications have changed since, and actually for the better.

The F-150 Lightning will actually come with more horsepower than what was originally announced, as well as a higher payload capacity. Ford is even launching a new feature, powered by the cloud which will help accurately work out the range of the truck in rear time, based on the weight of the trailer you are towing.

When Ford announced the F-150 Lightning, it was claimed to have a range of 230 miles for the base model, which costs $40,000. There is an extended range model too, which was supposed to have 300 miles of range, however this is now 320 miles thanks to some last minute changes, however the price is now $70,000+.

As mentioned, all models have more power and have a higher payload capacity. For example, the base model was set to have 426bhp, but now has 452bhp. Same goes for the Extended Range model, jumping up from 563bhp to 580bhp. Payload on both versions is increased from 2,000lbs to 2,235lbs.

All F-150 Lightning trucks will come with ‘Intelligent Range’ which will use the cloud to help accurately work out how much your range will be affected by what you are towing.