Yesterday, Ubiquiti released the brand new Analog Telephone Adapter for UniFi Talk, or the UT-ATA. This new addition to the UniFi Talk family allows users to utilise their existing phone hardware and add them to their new UniFi Talk setup. The ATA can support up to two analog phones and even works with fax machines.

Each UT-ATA can be powered by 802.3af PoE, like a traditional VoIP phone, or if needed via USB-C. If you don’t have any wired network infrastructure where you need the phone, it can be connected via WiFi too.

The device can be desk mounted, put on a wall or even magnetically attached to a surface if needed. On the front is a 3.39-inch display for seeing the caller ID, selecting voicemail and setting the DND status.

The new UT-ATA is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti store, at for $19. However it is currently sold out and is only available in the US at this time. UniFi Talk is also only available in the US.

US Store link