This week, Ubiquiti has launched a new larger version of the LTU LR CPE with the LTU XR model. This is very similar to what Ubiquiti has done with the airMAX AC line and the new LiteBeam 5AC XR, which was launched in April. The XR is around 250mm wider than the already quite large LR version and with that extra size comes more gain and on paper, better range.

The standard LTU LR has 26 dBi of gain, identical to the LiteBeam 5AC LR. The new LTU XR has 29dbi of gain, similar to a larger version of the RocketDish. The LTU XR is based on the existing new LTU platform, which moves on from the days of airMAX M and airMAX AC, which both use 802.11 as its base and uses a new proprietary chipset, for greater performance. The LTU CPE devices cannot be used as access points, but it best used as a long range client in a PtMP network.

Like all the other new devices from Ubiquiti, the new LTU XR supports wireless setup and configuration using the UISP app as well as GPS, making placing it on a map easier in UISP for example.

The new LTU XR is on sale now from Ubiquiti’s official store, at and is priced at in the UK £193.04, €226.80 in the EU and $199 in the US.

EU/UK Store link

US Store link