Last week, the new Ineos Grenadier has been put on sale here in the UK, with prices starting at £49,000. Ineos has a few models on sale to rival the iconic Land Rover Defender, in both passenger and commercial guises. The base price Grenadier is a commercial version, with two seats up front.

For £49,000, the base level Grenadier is the commercial version, called the Utility Wagon. It has two passenger seats up front, a load capacity of 2088 litres and it can tow 3500kg.

Jumping up to £52,000, is the passenger version which has the same towing capacity as the commercial version, but due to its extra seats the load capacity is reduced down to 1152 litres.

At the top of the lineup are the special editions, which both come from a partnership with clothing brand Belstaff – which Ineos owns. Both versions cost £59,000 and are packed with lots of optional extras, such as front park assistance, electrically adjustable heated mirrors, raised air intake and an auxiliary battery.

For all models, the Grenadier is available with BMW engines, no hybrid or fully electric version here. A BMW 3.0-litre straight-six engine is available, in either petrol or diesel options.