This week, Citroën has revealed the official pricing for the all new, all electric Ami for the UK market. The small two seater EV quadricycle is due to go on sale soon for £7,695 – making it one of the cheapest road going vehicles on sale in Britain today.

The base price includes the standard Ami, digital speedometer, LED headlights and rear lights, panoramic sunroof and USB charging socket. For a small increase of £400, Citroën will sell you some colour packs, designed to be fitted by the customer.

Citroën will also be offering a Ami Cargo for £7,995 which has one seat for the driver and a cargo capacity 400 litres. Citroën will also only be selling the Ami online, not through its dealer network and customers can register their interest by paying a £250 refundable reservation. The Ami has a top speed of 28mph and a range of just 46 miles, making it ideal for city deliveries and small journeys.

The Ami was never going to come to the UK, but after unprecedented demand, Citroën changed their mind. The company has had to make a few changes to make the Ami more suitable for the UK, for starters the Ami is left hand drive only and the charging plug has been swapped for a Type 2 fitting. Headlights have had to be adjusted and the speedometer changing from km/h to mph