eero has today announced some new networking products to its lineup that support power-over-ethernet (PoE) something that already commonplace in the world of enterprise networking, from companies such as Ubiquiti and Cambium Networks. eero, which is nowadays owned by Amazon has two new products today, with a new WiFi 6 access point and PoE Gateway.

The new eero PoE Gateway is a powerful gateway router which connects your home to the internet. On the front there are eight 2.5GbE PoE ethernet ports and two 10GbE ports that don’t offer PoE. Oddly, there are no SFP to SFP+ connectors here, but not many homes have fibre direct to the router, they usually handoff using Ethernet.

The Gateway has a large PoE budget, up to 100W when using the 140W power adaptor from eero.

The new eero PoE 6 access point is the first PoE powered AP from eero and supports dual-band Wi-Fi 6 at up to 160MHz channel widths. eero say that the AP can handle up to 1.5Gbps over the wireless interface. The AP has a 2.5Gbps interface which connects up to the gateway.

eero is also launching something called ‘eero for Pro Installers’. This offers installers a suite of software tools to help them set up the WiFi network and also log in remotely to manage the network if something goes wrong.

eero will be offering the PoE 6 access point in October this year, only in the US and Canada to start with. Prices will be $299.99 US and $399.99 CAD. This initial rollout will only be with authorised professional installers. Then, in early 2023 the PoE gateway will be available, prices from $649.99 US and $859.99 CAD. At the same time, the access point will go on sale through Amazon and the official eero website.