UK based network builder, Netomnia has announced it now has presence in all four UK countries. Netomnia is supported by fibre ISP YouFibre and together, their super-fast XGS-PON network is available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The company is claiming it is now the “first alt-net with presence in all four countries in the United Kingdom.”

Starting today, Netomnia has started its latest build out in the city of Londonderry. The company also announced it has now passed 265,000 premises nationwide. The company has said it is now investing £12.9m to bring its super fast fibre network to the residents of Londonderry, of which there are 43,000 premises.

Customers can use the Netomnia network, by signing up to YouFibre, as both companies work hand in hand. YouFibre offers packages from £22 per month, which gets you 50mbps with unlimited data, free installation, 24/7 support all on an 18-month contract. For £45 per month , you can get 900mbps.