Toyota has revealed plans to launch the all new bZ3 in China by the end o the year. The new compact saloon is all electric and is built in collaboration between Toyota and Chinese car company, BYD. Toyota will start sales and production of the car later this year.

Toyota will only be offering the bZ3 in China for now and it is unclear if these plans will change. This is now the second car to join the company’s ‘Beyond Zero’ product line, which consists of the bZ4X, an all electric SUV. However, this car was recalled globally and has since stopped production due to loose wheel hub bolts.

The image you see above is leaked and so far, Toyota hasn’t revealed any official images. There is also no information regarding the range, battery or any official message about the price. However, some sources have mentioned that it could cost around 200,000 yuan, which is about £25,000.

Toyota was planning on publicly revealing the bZ3 earlier this year in April at the Beijing auto show, but COVID-19 restrictions delayed this somewhat. Toyota is now planing on starting production and sales later this year.