Today, Cambium Networks unveiled its next generation of 60GHz point to point fixed wireless, with the cnWave 60 GHz V2000. cnWave is Cambium’s line of 60GHz wireless products and this new device is aimed at linking buildings together, or feeding internet to residential properties. Cambium also say this platform is perfect for CCTV camera backhaul.

For cnWave 60GHz, Cambium has various products which can serve PtMP (Point to Multipoint) and PtP (Point to Point). However, looking at their product line, the top of the line PtMP device, the V3000 can only feed clients that are up to 700 metres away, whereas the upcoming UISP Wave, from Ubiquiti can connect varying CPE devices types at up to 8km away.

The new cnWave 60 GHz V2000 has a range of up to 1km, with a 2.5GbE PoE input port and a secondary 2.5GbE PoE output port for passthrough to a range of other devices. Cambium also say it is capable of 5.2Gbps.

In terms of competing devices, something like the airFiber 60 HD would be comparative. While there isn’t any pricing information yet for the V2000, the airFiber 60 HD comes in at $359 per end as the only 60GHz PtP device from Ubiquiti that can compete on the raw throughput the V2000 offers.

The airFiber 60 HD can handle up to 6 Gbps, with channel bonding enabled at up to 2km. It has a PoE input port, as well as a 10G SFP+ port for data.

More information about the cnWave V2000 can be found on Cambium’s blog.