The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has announced that it is going to be exhibiting some of the most rare and unreleased vehicles from Tesla. The new exhibit is to be called “Inside Tesla” and show off the likes of the prototype Model 3 from 2016, the original Tesla Roadster and much more.

Cars in the exhibit

  • Original Tesla Roadster
  • Tesla Roadster Prototype (2005)
  • Tesla Roadster (2020)
  • Tesla’s 1,000,000th vehicle
  • Model S Plaid Nürburgring
  • Tesla Cyberquad (Adults version)
  • Tesla Cybertruck Prototype
  • Tesla Model 3 Prototype
  • Tesla Model X Prototype


The exhibit is due to open later this month on 20th November and will be available in the Petersen Museum, LA. It’ll be open for public viewing and tickers can be found here.