Every year, Ubiquiti comes out with a lot of new products and we’re going to look back on the past twelve months of releases, software updates and more. This year, the new UDM SE was released, the G4 Doorbell Pro was announced and much much more.

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Our Take

My favourite product this year is probably the UDM SE. I purchased one as soon as it was released here in the UK and it has been a rock solid part of my home network. The built in PoE ports are super useful, especially if you don’t have a PoE switch. The fact it has been getting more recent firmware upgrades too, over something like the UDM Pro is pretty nice, although for UDM Pro owners out there – Ubiquiti is working on UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM and UDM Pro!

UNVR Stacking was also a welcome change, although only limited to the UNVR Pro for now – but it is super nice to see. It is also really good to see Ubiquiti showing some love back to its roots, the airMAX and more WISP focused devices. This year we saw the announcement of UISP Wave, a brand new 60GHz PtMP system, new LTU and airMAX AC devices as well as the new UISP Horn, something to rival RF Elements.

Looking to 2023, Ubiquiti will likely reveal more information about UniFi Connect and the devices it has planned for that product line.

People always say Ubiquiti is working on too many things at the same time, but the company has proven it is a machine when it comes to the speed of firmware updates and releases and also a special shoutout to UI-Glenn on the official Ubiquiti Community, it seems like he is the only guy there answering user’s questions and he must have RSI with the amount he is typing, but he pretty much runs the show and helps users with their problems – no matter how clearly taxing it can be.

Here’s to 2023 and whatever Ubiquiti has planned!