As of yesterday (1st Jan 2023), Apple has now shut down the popular weather app, Dark Sky. Apple removed the app from the App Store in September this year, but it did remain functional for users who had already been using it. However, as of yesterday the official app and website are now non-functional and it is recommend to use the built in Apple Weather app within iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS 13.

Apple acquired the app back in March 2020 and for a while, nothing happened for users. The only thing that happened was Apple removed the Android app, but for Apple users the app and website remained online with a set date for the API to be unavailable. As of writing, the API is still available, but will be discontinued later this year on 31st March 2023. Once the API is offline, Apple is recommending devolvpers to use the new WeatherKit API as an official replacement.

The new Weather app in iOS 16 and the other new operating systems has a lot of the same features which made Dark Sky so good, including “hyperlocal” forecasts with rain notifications, next hour precipitation information, new maps and much more.