Ubiquiti this week has made UniFi Connect available to the general public, after a long period in beta. Ubiquiti first released some information about the new platform back in April 2022. It is being pitched as something Ubiquiti has called the “Enterprise of Things (EoT).” What this really means is a set of hardware and software designed for businesses, including LED light panels, touchscreens, digital signage and more.

Yesterday, the first version of the software was released to the public and is available now for UniFi OS Consoles only, but excluding the UDM. UniFi Connect will work on the UDM Pro, UDM SE, UDR, UDW and the UCK-G2-Plus. Ubiquiti has also released a few products, with the Display Cast a new digital signage device, which is powered by PoE. You can send any videos, audio and images to a TV and create a slideshow too. The Display Cast is available for $199 in the US, as of writing it is only available in the US.

The Connect Display is marked as ‘coming soon’ and is a 21.5″ touchscreen display, powered by PoE++ and can show digital signage, UniFi Protect camera feeds and Ubiquiti also mentions use cases such as point-of-sale, however how that works remains to be seen.

The new Connect Display is priced from $699 and can be found on store.ui.com. The full release notes for UniFi Connect 2.1.23 can be found here on community.ui.com.