Earlier this month, we released a video reviewing and looking at the new Pebblebee card, a unique rechargeable Apple Find My compatible tracker which goes head-to-head with the Chipolo Card Spot. In the video, we unbox the card, go over the pairing process and look at the magnetic charger, which due to the thin dimensions – is proprietary. With the Chipolo Card Spot, the battery lasts around one year and once it dies, Chipolo will give you 50% off another one, which isn’t great of the environment at all. Considering, Apple has made the AirTag with a user-replaceable battery, it can’t be that hard.

Pebblebee don’t officially sell products in the UK, but I was able to order it to the UK direct from their website, with shipping from the US to UK costing around £20. The setup process was seamless and works just like a normal Find My compatible tracker. With Chipolo devices, I have had some reliability issues, which the company have sorted out for me but having the initial device die, the refuse setup and then the replacement die too and now finally, the third one works is a bit concerning for a device designed to track something important to you.

The charger is pretty good, it uses a magnetic connector and charges pretty quickly, although the device did arrive dead so had to be charged before use – but that’s ok. The only issue I can see is losing the proprietary lead, but that can be easily resolved.


If you are looking for a good quality wallet tracker, with Find My support built in – look no further than the Pebblebee Card!